We present some personalities born in Baicoi:
D. Mociornita (industrialist)
G. Mociornita (hero-aviator)
Ghe Oprea (was first vice president)
D. Cristea (former Deputy Director General Intelligence
Goat I. (inventor)
I Leca (Ambassador)
C. Danescu (MP)
General John Nedelcu - Commander Central Military Hospital
Nicolae Iordache - ambassador
Potarca Virgil - Professor

Here are some figures down on Baicoi remaining residents in memory of their deeds:
Dr. D. Voinescu
Prof. C. Iancu
Fam. Podasca (teachers, lawyers, doctors)
inv D. Ghenoiu
inv J. Smith
Prof. A. Vasiliu
Fam. C. Radulescu
ec. Michael N.
I Teleanu
Gheorghe Popescu inv
Eng C. Popov
N. Smoleanu inv
Prof. D. Smoleanu
Dr. S. Xenakis
Dr. C. Cepleanu
Dr. I. Ambrus
C. Eng Lang
Prof. E. Jipa
Prof. T. Basceanu
Prof. C. Boeru

They can add hundreds of baicoieni dead and wounded in the two world wars and who will be forever grateful and honored as true heroes.