Here are some of the most famouse people here in Indiana!
One of the most famouse people in Indiana is Peyton Manning!
He plays for our home team the Indianapolis Colts! He lives here in Indiana, but he travels around the U.S sometimes.

James Whitcomb Riley was a children's books and poems writer. He also lives here in our very own state of Indiana.


Garfield is a very well known cartoon character. He was created here in our hometown of Indianapolis. He is now on some of the poasters with funny sayings in our classroom.


Benjamen Harrison was a president from Indianapolis Indiana. He lived here for awhile then he was elected President and he moved to The White House. A very big and beautifull " White House".


The Jackson 5 was a group of 5 brothers who sang songs. They were very popular and their brother Miachal Jackson was the lead singer and at the of about 10.

Michal Jackson had the nick-name " King of Pop". He was very popular singer and he lived in Gary, Indiana. Sadly, he died not to long ago.

John Melloncamp is a famouse rock singer. He has performed many songs and concerts. He, with the rest live in Indiana.
I hope this has given you some information about all the people and characters who were created in this country and see how cool and interedting Indiana can be!John_Melloncamp.jpg